Work Windows Not Clean? Two Ways Dirty Glass Damages The Health Of Your Employees

As the temperatures continue to drop, it is getting to the time of year when employee absence begins to grow due to winter illnesses doing their rounds. Did you know that you could be unwittingly adding to those illness figures because you have dirty windows in your office? While you may think you are saving money by cancelling a window cleaning service during the winter months because it seems a wasted expense, that regular cleaning could be keeping your employees healthy. [Read More]

4 Common Questions About Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get dirty. Fact. That's where professional steam cleaning comes in. Carpets by their very nature harbour dirt, making them appear dull, dirty and beyond their years. That's where steam cleaning can take years off the apparent age of carpets by extracting deeply entrenched dirt and deposits from the pile and underlay. For homeowners who have never arranged a professional carpet cleaning appointment before, here are some of the Here are a few common questions people have about the process. [Read More]

How to Protect Your Baby from Dirty Carpet

Babies are both vulnerable to harm and very undiscerning when it comes to hygiene, so you want the carpet they spend their time on to be completely safe. Follow these tips to make sure that what's beneath your feet never interferes with your baby's health. Avoid Moisture People know they need to keep the carpet free of dirt and debris; that's just common knowledge. However, not so many understand the importance of keeping their carpet as dry as possible. [Read More]

Keep Your Office Carpet Looking Clean With These 6 Tips

Keeping your office carpet looking clean can be a challenge, but with the right techniques, you can protect your carpet and keep it looking good. Whether you run a collection agency, a marketing company or any other type of office, here are a few tips on maintaining a clean and beautiful carpet. 1. Choose a carpet that can hide secrets Maintaining a carpet starts before you even install it. Choose a carpet in relatively dark shades—greys and browns are ideal. [Read More]