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Office Cleaners | 3 Tactics To Attain A Cleaning Role With A Medical Practice

Are you vying for a prestigious office cleaning role with your local medical practice amid intense competition? With plenty of office cleaning companies out there, how can you find a way to tip the scale in your favour? If you need answers to these questions, let this commentary equip you with shrewd tactics to successfully attain a cleaning role with a medical practice despite competition.

Win Favour With The Administrative Staff  

This isn't as easy as it sounds, but you should find a way to win favour with the administrative decision makers if you're looking to cut through competition. You may treat them as potential clients as you would during a normal business deal. For instance, organising business meetings over dinner/lunch or planning informal 'meet and greet' sessions with some entertainment to help them get to know your cleaning staff. There is a strong possibility that this effort will win you favour with the administrative decision makers of the medical practice. Of course, take care to distinguish the line between bribes and normal business deal practices in your efforts. 

Create A Tailored Pricing Structure Relevant To A Medical Practice

When pitching your office cleaning business to a medical practice, it pays to develop a tailor-made pricing structure that is relevant to them. Offering a price list with irrelevant cleaning solutions shows that you haven't taken the time to do your homework, which will result in you possibly losing the contract. But if you display a tailored price plan, then the medical practice will know that you've made a strong effort to understand their specific needs and will consider your application more seriously. For instance, some medical practices have specialised equipment like vaccine fridges and x-ray machines that need cleaning. Be sure to tailor your pricing structure to include these items, instead of generic cleaning quotes similar to competitors.

Demonstrate Relevant Expertise

If you have prior experience working with another medical practice, be sure to demonstrate it through referrals. Medical practices tend to be filled with confidential patient paperwork, so you can showcase your ability to work in similar environments built on confidentiality. For instance, if you worked in law practices and government agencies, then you can demonstrate this expertise to show your capability of cleaning around confidential documents with ease. Demonstrating relevant expertise is best done through testimonials and referrals from similar organisations to the medical practice.

Follow these shrewd tactics in your effort to successfully win an office cleaning role with a medical practice amid intense competition. For more information, contact a business such as Comclean Australia Pty Ltd.