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How to Know When You Should Replace Your Carpeting

If you have had your carpeting for a while, you might be wondering when it would be a good time to replace it. While you can replace it whenever you want a fresh look, here are some other reasons to consider replacing it.

Bare Spots of Carpeting

Over time, you might notice that certain areas of the carpet seems to be a little flatter or barer than the others. If it has been a long time, these bare patches might be almost completely flat, while others are simply a little different looking than the rest of the carpeting. It tends to be more common in areas where there is more traffic, such as the carpeting near the entrance of your home, in hallways, or in areas like the ground in front of the couch where people often put their feet. If you have bare patches, you can either cover them with area rugs or replace the carpeting.

Stains or Discolouration

If you catch spills right away, you have a good chance of removing them, but that doesn't mean you will be able to remove every stain. One of the reasons carpeting doesn't last forever is because stains and discolouration are inevitable. If you keep removing stains in the same area of the carpeting, such as below a dining room table where spills are common, you will soon notice a slight difference in the coloring in those areas. You might also end up with stains you simply can't remove and that you don't want to deal with anymore. If you have light-coloured carpets, this is more likely, but any carpeting can show stains visibly. When they become so heavy on the carpeting that rugs or furniture won't cover them, it is probably time to think about new flooring.

Knots and Matting

This is unfortunately something you can't fix easily, and is often a reason to replace the carpeting. Matting and knotting of carpet fibres tends to happen gradually over time, so this is more common in older carpet that already needs to be replaced. Matting can cause areas of the carpeting to start to clump together and look like big knots, which you can't really get out unless you cut part of the carpet material. This is more prevalent with some materials like polyester, but it can happen with others as well.

These are just a few of the signs that it is time to replace the carpeting. Also replace it if it has water damage, mildew, or mould, since that is often difficult to clean.