Office Cleaners | 3 Tactics To Attain A Cleaning Role With A Medical Practice

Are you vying for a prestigious office cleaning role with your local medical practice amid intense competition? With plenty of office cleaning companies out there, how can you find a way to tip the scale in your favour? If you need answers to these questions, let this commentary equip you with shrewd tactics to successfully attain a cleaning role with a medical practice despite competition. Win Favour With The Administrative Staff   [Read More]

How to Know When You Should Replace Your Carpeting

If you have had your carpeting for a while, you might be wondering when it would be a good time to replace it. While you can replace it whenever you want a fresh look, here are some other reasons to consider replacing it. Bare Spots of Carpeting Over time, you might notice that certain areas of the carpet seems to be a little flatter or barer than the others. If it has been a long time, these bare patches might be almost completely flat, while others are simply a little different looking than the rest of the carpeting. [Read More]

4 Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Remember

The quality of the indoor air in your home may be heavily influenced by how well you clean your carpets. This is because carpets can absorb plenty of dust and dirt that can trigger several problems (such as allergies). This article discusses some crucial tips that you should implement to ensure that the carpets in your home are cleaned properly. Be Aware of the Pile Grain When Vacuuming Pile grain refers to the direction in which carpet fibres are arranged. [Read More]

How to Encourage Employees to Their Workspace Clean

Just like tidy homes bring tidy minds, the old adage also applies in an office setting. Research shows that the cleaner our surroundings the less stressed and anxious we feel. But when it comes to our work, often cleanliness takes a back seat to regular daily duties, with workspaces becoming messy, cluttered and sometimes downright unhygienic, setting a less than ideal first impression when clients visit the business. Dirty work areas also send a negative message about an employee's organisational skills and efficiency, even if they are an otherwise capable member of the team. [Read More]