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4 Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Remember

The quality of the indoor air in your home may be heavily influenced by how well you clean your carpets. This is because carpets can absorb plenty of dust and dirt that can trigger several problems (such as allergies). This article discusses some crucial tips that you should implement to ensure that the carpets in your home are cleaned properly.

Be Aware of the Pile Grain When Vacuuming

Pile grain refers to the direction in which carpet fibres are arranged. For instance, some carpet fibres lie horizontally while some stand straight up. Examine the pile grain of your carpets and keep it in mind as you vacuum. Go against the pile grain if you want to remove the embedded dirt within the carpet. This may be necessary if your carpets have not been deep-cleaned for an extended period despite taking plenty of foot traffic. Follow the pile grain pattern when moving the vacuum over the carpet if your primary interest is to remove surface dirt.

Slow Down

Many homeowners rush when they are vacuuming their carpets. This prevents the vacuum from vibrating the fibres sufficiently so that dirt can be loosened and sucked away. Avoid making the same mistake. Pass the vacuum cleaner slowly over the carpet so that it can remove all the dirt within that carpet.

Rotate Furniture Regularly

Another tip that can help you to have cleaner carpets is to rotate your furniture on a regular basis (for instance, once a year). This action will allow the areas of the carpet that were covered by the furniture to be cleaned thoroughly. The rotation also has the added advantage of reducing how quickly certain segments of the carpet wear out. This is because each new orientation of the furniture changes the foot traffic pattern so that another area receives heavy traffic instead of the heavy traffic concentrating on the same part of the carpet.

Avoid DIY Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning carpets requires special skills so that just the right amount of steam is allowed to get into the carpet fibres. Experience is also required to know how to extract all the water from the carpet so that it does not become a haven for mildew and mould. Leave steam carpet cleaning to professionals so that you avoid the dire consequences of a bungled DIY cleaning attempt.

Implement the tips above and your indoor air will be of the highest possible quality. Your carpets will also last much longer because they will not be subjected to the aging influence of accumulated dirt.