Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Business Owners

How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Service

It is possible for you to start any service business that you set your mind to provided that you have the necessary skills. For commercial cleaning services, there are a few tips that you need to be aware of in order to be successful in your endeavor. If done right, this can prove to be a fruitful business venture.

Type of Buildings to Clean

In order to determine the scope of your business, you need to be able to establish the types of buildings you want to clean. You may wish to clean small buildings such as gyms or stores or large buildings such as office complexes and schools. This is determined by whether you intend to do all the cleaning yourself or whether you intend to hire. Either way, it's always best to start small and grow into larger ventures and hire help along the way.

Business Name

Having established the scope of your business, you will need to choose a business name that appeals to your clientele. It is advisable to select a name that portrays your professionalism because this is what will attract other professionals in need of your services to you.. Including the name of the area in which you operate in your business name also helps potential clients relate to you.

Get a Business License and a Bank Account

Contact your local authorities in order to find out what kind of license is required to start a commercial cleaning service in your area. This is bound to vary from state to state so be sure to confirm what applies in your state. Then get a checking account. You can look this up in several different banks; most banks give free checks to business and allow for free transactions especially if you have a personal account with them.

Get Commercial Cleaning Insurance and Bond

Having gotten a license to operate, ensure that you get liability insurance in order to protect yourself in the event of accidents. This is not optional if you wish to operate a business. If you have a partner or intend to hire help, it's advisable to get a bond which will shield you against employee theft. Most of your clients will require you to have this.


Before you begin your operations, you need to identify how much to charge per hour in order to make the profit you intend to inclusive of expenses. After a while you will determine how long it takes you to clean a particular type of building and from there you can calculate your monthly rates.