Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Business Owners

Work Windows Not Clean? Two Ways Dirty Glass Damages The Health Of Your Employees

As the temperatures continue to drop, it is getting to the time of year when employee absence begins to grow due to winter illnesses doing their rounds. Did you know that you could be unwittingly adding to those illness figures because you have dirty windows in your office? While you may think you are saving money by cancelling a window cleaning service during the winter months because it seems a wasted expense, that regular cleaning could be keeping your employees healthy. Here are two main points you need to know.

Physical Health

The inside of your office windows are a breeding ground for germs if they are unprotected by window blinds. Germs sitting on the fingertips of an employee can transfer to glass and then onto the hands of the next person who puts their hands on the glass. Once the hands go near the face, the germs enter the body, and an illness has a new host to play havoc with.

Not only will regular cleaning of the glass help to reduce the number of germs living there, but it will also eradicate any mould and mildew spores that are hoping to take off and create a colony. Mould and mildew can play havoc with those who have asthma and those who suffer when exposed to allergens. They can get into an employee's respiratory system and cause a constant cough or cause difficulties with breathing.

Mould and mildew are not immediately visible to the naked eye, so only a regular window cleaning schedule can help to reduce the risk of your employees getting ill from dirty windows.

Mental Health

The physical environment that your employees spend their daily life working in will have an impact on their mental health. Dreary surroundings, dull colours and grim decor will drag down the mental happiness of your workers. If your workers aren't happy, you are not going to see positivity shine through in their productivity.

While it may be winter outside, there is still the possibility of seeing sunlight burst through the clouds and rainbows appearing at the end of the storm. These simple displays of nature can be enough to lighten a worker's mind. But, if they are trying to view these things through a dirty window, the benefits are going to be minimal.

Keeping the office windows clean and dirt free will allow the best parts of nature to flow into your office, and this is one way to keep your employees upbeat and vibrant.

Don't let your office windows make your employees ill. Instead, arrange for them to be cleaned regularly as part of your war against absenteeism due to winter illnesses. Your business profitability will show positive results when you do.

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