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4 Common Questions About Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get dirty. Fact. That's where professional steam cleaning comes in. Carpets by their very nature harbour dirt, making them appear dull, dirty and beyond their years. That's where steam cleaning can take years off the apparent age of carpets by extracting deeply entrenched dirt and deposits from the pile and underlay.

For homeowners who have never arranged a professional carpet cleaning appointment before, here are some of the Here are a few common questions people have about the process.

Will you need to move all your furniture? How should you prepare?

To access as much of the carpet as possible, it's a good idea for larger items to be moved in advance. Your carpet technician will be glad to give you a hand with couches and other items. Because carpets under heavy items like grandfather clocks or wall-to-ceiling entertainment units are unlikely to be dirty, unless moved prior, a carpet cleaner will usually work around these.

To help the cleaner, picking up small items like toys, shoes and pet blankets and beds is always appreciated. It will also be necessary to allow access to the home via the driveway for ease of using truck mounted cleaning equipment. Vacuuming before the carpet cleaning crew arrives is not necessary.

How is the price of steam cleaning calculated?

Most carpet cleaning jobs are quoted based on the area or number of rooms to be cleaned. Depending on the condition of the carpet and the customer's preferences, additional treatments including pre-cleaning, stain removal and deodourising may be recommended.  As well as the steam cleaning process itself, a quality carpet clean is based on at least a 4 stage process including pre-spraying, rotary agitation to loosen soiling and dirt, spot and stain removal and deodourising.

How long do carpets take to dry? Will you have to leave your home?

Carpets typically take around 4 hours to dry completely depending on the climate and the time of year. Depending how dirty the carpets are will depend on how many stages of cleaning are required and how long the carpets will take to dry. For 1 or 2 stage soiling, carpets may be dry in as little as 2 hours. It is not necessary to leave the home while carpets are drying and carpets can be walked on as soon as cleaning has finished. Be sure to keep feet and shoes soles clean during the drying stage.

Does carpet cleaning get rid of fleas?

No. Although it may help reduce flea populations, especially dormant eggs in the underlay, carpet cleaning should not be used as a single technique to exterminate a home from fleas. Fleas can lay eggs in more than just carpets therefore while it may help reduce fleas, depending on the extent of the problem, a thorough extermination may be necessary. 

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