Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Business Owners

Keep Your Office Carpet Looking Clean With These 6 Tips

Keeping your office carpet looking clean can be a challenge, but with the right techniques, you can protect your carpet and keep it looking good. Whether you run a collection agency, a marketing company or any other type of office, here are a few tips on maintaining a clean and beautiful carpet.

1. Choose a carpet that can hide secrets

Maintaining a carpet starts before you even install it. Choose a carpet in relatively dark shades—greys and browns are ideal. Stay away from solid colors. Instead, choose floral arrangements, checks, mottled blots or any pattern to help hide stains. Pick a low pile; deep pile harbours dirt.

2. Apply a stainguard

If possible, only buy an office carpet that has a built-in stainguard, and whenever you have your carpets professionally cleaned, be sure to have another layer of stain guard or protectant applied to the carpet.

3. Clean up stains immediately

A designated on-staff cleaner (or even employees who are willing to rotate cleaning duties) can help a lot in keeping your carpet clean. Have these people address any stains as quickly as possible. Treating stains immediately stops them from setting.

4. Vacuum daily

Hire commercial cleaners to vacuum your office daily. You have multiple people walking all over your office carpet everyday, and in almost every insistence, they are wearing their outdoor shoes. As a result, your office carpet quickly fills with dust and debris.

Daily vacuuming removes the dust, helping your office carpet to retain its shape and color rather than getting discoloured and beaten down with dust.

5. Create rules to protect your carpet

A few rules, especially if respectfully and creatively implemented, can help to keep your carpet clean as well. Give everyone a new travel coffee cup with their name and the company logo on it, and then, ban cups without lids to reduce spills.

Start serving free lunches to staff, but require them to eat in the break room or outside rather than at their desks over the carpet.  

6. Lay out welcome mats

Welcome mats serve a dual purpose: they welcome clients to your office, but they also trap dirt from people's shoes and prevent the dirt from getting into your carpet.

To keep welcome mats clean, you also need to have your commercial cleaners vacuum them once a day, and remember to periodically replace them. That makes it easy to always keep your entryway (aka your office's first impression to visitors) looking clean and great. For more tips, contact companies like Southern Cross Cleaning (SA) Pty Ltd.