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How to Protect Your Baby from Dirty Carpet

Babies are both vulnerable to harm and very undiscerning when it comes to hygiene, so you want the carpet they spend their time on to be completely safe. Follow these tips to make sure that what's beneath your feet never interferes with your baby's health.

Avoid Moisture

People know they need to keep the carpet free of dirt and debris; that's just common knowledge. However, not so many understand the importance of keeping their carpet as dry as possible. Moisture of any kind provides a haven for mould to thrive in.

Mould isn't toxic itself, but it can produce toxins which can be harmful if ingested, touched, or breathed in. Since your baby is close to the ground, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that mould never gains a foothold. Clean up any spills immediately, drawing as much wetness from the fibres as possible. Keep your house well-ventilated; for example, if you cook in a room which has carpeting, keep the windows open to reduce the amount of steam.

Buy a Baby Mat

Probably the easier way to protect your baby from a dirty carpet is by covering up the carpet altogether. In fact, this also saves your carpet from a dirty baby! Buying a child mat is a great solution to this problem. They are usually easily washable, and often provided with non-skid backing to make sure they're totally safe. Also, there are some pretty cool designs available.

Of course, you won't be able to easily persuade your baby not to go wandering off the mat, but you can keep them on that area whenever you're in the room, and not worry about them sucking on the carpet or picking toys from it to put in their mouths. Unlike normal carpets, these can be put in the washing machine.

Clean it Right

You want to vacuum your carpets more regularly—at least two times each week. This means that no dirt is ground into the carpet, and that dust, dust mites, and any other contaminants are all under control. To ensure that the job is done effectively, consider investing in a vacuum which boasts a HEPA filter.

Clean the carpet regularly using baby-safe products. There are plenty of alternatives to chemical cleansers, so don't feel like you need to use anything too strong. Regardless of how you cleaned, keep your baby out of the area for at least five hours, and make sure the room is both cool and well-ventilated.

As a new parent, you'll have enough to think about without having to worry about your carpets. Luckily, all you have to do is keep this guide in mind. For more tips or assistance, contact resources like All Class Carpet Cleaning.